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Ez-Blend Start/Stop

Is your plant growing? Ez-Blend Start/Stop can now be expanded to allow for two Touch Screens for a total of 128 buttons and 24 AMP meters. Call to inquire about updating your system. more...


Ez-Loader II, Ez-Ticket II and Ez-Batcher systems can now be upgraded to send data to providers such as HaulHub Technologies or Earthwave Technologies. more...

Fiber Optic


Ez-Blend Data Communication from the computer to plant hardware cabinet can now be 100% Fiber Optic cable. This allows for remote locations 100s of feet away. It also isolates the computer / electronics from RF Noise as well as lighting damage. more...
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Drum Plant Controls

Ez-Blend™, first introduced in 1992, has been providing reliable control to hundreds of customers year after year. Known for it's accuracy and dependability, it can be trusted for the largest job. Ez-Blend™, programmed completely in-house is not reliant upon third party PLCs or electronics. This has allowed Ez-Blend™ to be kept up-to-date and meet the changing needs of the industry.


Start/Stop Plant Control

Ez-Blend™ Start / Stop Package, first introduced in 2004, can provide fully Interlocked Plant Control. The realistic Touch Screen Panel has quickly proven its ability to easily control a vast number of configurations and complexities. As an integral part of Ez-Blend™, seamless control of the complete plant is accomplished in one application.

Ez-Blend Lite - Introduced in 2021

Ez-Blend Lite is a new Compact Hardware cabinet that can control any combination of 7 Delivery Systems.


II / Ez-Ticket


Ez-Loader™ II & Ez-Ticket™ II systems, first introduced in 2009, provides accurate Silo / Quarry Ticketing with automatic bookkeeping functions.