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Ez-Blend Start/Stop Plant Control
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Fully interlocked start/stop functions customized to the plant.

Simple yet extremely powerful Start/Stop control of the plant. Economically add to any Ez-Blend™ Drum Plant Control. Touch Screen / mouse technology assures quick and easy operation that “mimics” a conventional Panel. Automatically start/stop and adjust all systems in your plant including conveyor belts, augers, drags, air-locks and screens as needed by the mix formula, for true “on the fly” mix changes. Fully interlocked start/stop functions customized to the plant. Easy field expansion. Accurate sequential (cold) and loaded (hot) starts and stops. Customize/expand to 6 rows of buttons or lamps (64 total) and twelve Amp Meters for each Display screen.

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Two Silo with Flop Gate

Three Silo with Traverse Conveyors

Basic Plant Configuration

Three Silo with Flop Gate

Two Silo with Traverse Conveyors

Four Silo with Flop Gates

Simplicity is the Key!

A “Start/Stop I/O Board” is added to the top of the existing Ez-Blend™ boards to provide interface to an external bank of plant inputs/outputs and to the plant AMP meters. Larger systems can use a 2nd rack of Ez-Blend™ boards.