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eTicket Data Transfer Option
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eTicket Data Transfer Unit (DTU)

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Seamlessly Integrates with Ez-Loader II & Ez-Ticket II Systems (Ez-Batcher soon to come) Transfers Load Information to Fleet Management Companies The add-on DTU ensures the Control system is safely isolated from the Internet. The DTU also off-loads the communication overhead and allows the Loadout System to focus on loading/ticketing.
Ez-Loader II & Ez-Ticket II systems can now be upgraded so that relevant data from each load ticket is electronically sent to a fleet management company such as HaulHub Technologies JOBslip, Earthwave Technologies FleetWatcher, or even your own proprietary software. Once integrated, Ez-Loader II eTicket Data Transfer software allows DOT engineers to view load tickets in near real-time.
The eTicket Data Transfer Unit (DTU) is a small embedded Windows mini-PC that attaches to the rear of the Ez-Loader II monitor. It then utilizes a dedicated closed network connection to form an isolated connection with the Ez-Loader II. This network is separate from the second network that allows Internet communication to send information from the plant locations to a centeral location.